"I can 110% recommend Ruth's coach training. It came at a perfect time for me as I was looking to branch out with the services I offered clients and it has worked out really well.

The sessions were well-timed and well-paced, with the right amount of support and feedback. I was part of a fantastic cohort of women I found the online format engaging and convenient. With lots of opportunities to work with Ruth and others on the course, as well as mentoring sessions, we were able to learn a huge amount over the seven-month duration.

If you are looking for a coaching course that really delivers and a trainer who cares, this is it!"

Natalie Trice, The Visibility Duchess

Confidence Coach and PR Mentor for Media Professionals and Small Business Owners

"I decided to take the qualification as I respect Ruth as a coach and specifically wanted to learn from her. I was looking to expand my skill set.

I have decided to focus more on coaching in my business, having learned to use these skills confidently and the value of coaching. I really enjoyed the weekly peer coaching and the relationships working in the group.

Coaching is a great, effective tool but there is a huge difference between having good training and just winging it. I love winging it in life but the foundations need to be there first! Ruth offers a really fantastic foundation and has brought out the value of honing this skill and offering this service."

Helen Johnson, Coach

"The work I was doing was mentoring but I really wanted to get into coaching. I knew a qualification was going to really unlock things for me. And it has massively. I was a good coach before, now I know I am a fierce coach.

Being coached every week has meant I have learned so much about myself and it has been a massive support and incredibly powerful. And I've loved looking at the different ways that we could coach. And the different frameworks we could use, rather than it just being, "This is the way," and it's a tick-box exercise, which it absolutely wasn't.

I have really discovered my style of coaching, which I can say is fierce because I do ask the challenging questions but with compassion and support. Another takeaway was some really deep work that I'm able to do with other people. So Lucy has a great line (who delivered the transactional analysis training) ."You can only meet people as far as you've met yourself." The biggest thing is for me doing the work myself so that I can then help other people do the work."

Anita Phagura, Coach and Founder of Fierce Project Management

"When I started the program I had been working as a coach formally for more than a year and in over 20+ years as a pharmacist. During all of that time I had been using coaching and training and I really wanted to use it properly and be top of my game with it. I was lacking knowledge and confidence to go deeper with people.

The course has given me a deeper understanding of what coaching is and how I can get the best results for my clients. It has shown me this whole world that I want to explore and do even more in. The biggest thing is the confidence that I now have in terms of being able to deliver for my clients.

It is amazing how my business has developed and changed over the last six months with the help of the course and working through the challenges, thoughts and ideas with such a range of coaches has been hugely beneficial.  I have really shifted to a corporate client base and it is a really interesting shift for me.

I think if you want to be a coach, work as a coach, be successful as a coach, be confident as a coach, then this is the course for you. It's unlike any training that I've ever done before, it's just great. I never worry about coaching someone now. I feel like I always know where to go. I can respond and I don't go in thinking what I am going to ask them. I can be completely curious and open to what they want to do in the session and it works: it is so much better for them and I just love it. I'm so happy to take the full joy out of it."

Francesca Aaen, Business and Performance Coach

"I trained as a coach many years ago with an ICF accredited program, the coaching world has progressed a great deal since then, so I wanted to refresh and up level my skills. Ruth’s training is inspiring, fast paced, interesting, varied and energetic. There’s ample opportunity to practise coaching, to be coached and participate in small group discussions.

It has increased my confidence tenfold and I am now an even better coach with the new techniques, learnings, reflections and regular feedback obtained from this training.  I’m enjoying putting everything I’ve learnt into practise with my existing and new 1:1 clients and witnessing the results they are getting in their personal and work life, is what makes my heart sing.

If you want to become an accredited coach and considering joining Ruth’s course, then I’d say go for it! If you are someone who takes their time to make decisions like me, and would like to talk to someone who has just completed the course and paperwork, then get in touch."

Donna Edwards, Life and Connection Coach

"This coaching training has been transformational for me, not just because of the amount of coaching I've received from the other incredible coaches on the course, but also the amount of coaching practice that we had. I thought I was a pretty good coach before, but I KNOW that I am an incredibly powerful coach now.

This course has done so much for me in terms of building my confidence not just in my knowledge of the different coaching models, tools and approaches, but also in the practical application of them.  For me, as an experiential learner, that has been invaluable. I feel empowered to deal with whatever comes up during sessions with my clients.  Confident in my ability to draw on an extensive coaching toolkit, so that I can hold the space and support my clients with whatever they need.

If anyone is considering coaching training and is struggling to decide on which course to do, I would highly recommend the Kudzi Coaching Academy. This covers the broadest number of coaching methodologies, models & approaches and you get an opportunity to try them all out.  You can read all the books and understand the theory, but without the practical application, it's hard to get a feel for what fits.  During this course, you get an opportunity to try different things & figure out what works for you.  You can develop your own coaching style in a safe space & get feedback on it. Observing coaching sessions from your peers is also an incredible learning opportunity, to notice the different styles and ways of being that each coach brings to a session, helps you to develop your own coaching style. That in itself is priceless"

Sarah Atkins, Creative Life and Business Coach and Founder of The Creative Coaching Studio Membership

"I have 25 years experience in business and coaching experience when I started the course because I wanted to have this nice, unique hybrid approach where I bring my experience, the accreditation, the training and then the qualification as well. You can only bring your own knowledge and your own experience and your own things to it, and I was well aware that there was more out there. I wanted to be able to bring the coaching aspect to it some more to help my clients go even further.

I have two biggest takeaways from the training one personally and one for my business. For my business, it's given me a real deep understanding of different tools, techniques and resources that I can just pull out when my client's facing certain things. And for me, personally, it is the coaching and the breakthroughs I have got from being coached every week.

I love it and I think anybody who's thinking about it should just run and do it because it's amazing. It's an amazing journey, I think the more you go all in, the more you get out of it in terms of these things that can help you with both personally with your business and your life and everything. I think it really helps you clarify in your mind as well what kind of coach you are and want to be, who you want to coach. You get so much clarity on narrowing that down and understanding your strengths, what you'd like to work on some more, fully understanding your business model and where you're going to take it and how exactly you can help your clients. It helps you go to an even greater depth than you've ever been before by having this really stringent training.

My journey has been one with quite a lot of twists and turns. I started out exclusively working with food businesses, mentoring and consulting them. Then I widened that to working with product-based businesses. But then when I really looked at my clientele and looked at the place that I wanted to work, and I work with attraction to my intuition  it was women who wanted more and women who wanted to play bigger and I am looking forward to expanding into this more.

I joined Ruth’s Coaching Training this year as I wanted to add to my skills as a coach and get my ICF accreditation so I can further grow my business. The course has been nothing short of brilliant; the other coaches, the training, the tools and techniques I now have and the broader range of skills I’ve developed. I wasn’t expecting the deep personal growth I also got through being coached every week too. I highly recommend this course, it’s like nothing else I’ve undertaken. I am looking forward to expanding the reach and creating a bigger impact with my business having gone through this training.

If you are considering the training I would say go for it both personally and for your business."

Claire Brumby, Award-Winning High-Performance Business Coach, Channel Swimmer, Dragon Slayer and Best-Selling Author

"I decided to take this qualification so that I could legitimately and confidently say that I was a professional coach. I have learned that not only are there numerous approaches and countless tools that can be used to coach clients but the real skill is learning how and when to use them on a client by client basis.

I have met and I train with 8 amazing women and we learn so much from each other. The course is intensive and demanding but the camaraderie and practice make it hugely enjoyable.

I would strongly recommend this course for anyone who is serious about coaching. By this, I mean someone who is willing to fully engage and commit to 6-8 months of intensive training with Ruth who has so much experience as well as the prerequisite qualifications to provide such an in-depth course."

Professor Maxine Robertson