Coach Directory

These are the certified Kudzi Coach Academy Coaches who have completed their training.

Dr Helen Johnson

Helen works with people at a deep level instead of wasting energy trying to 'fix' various surface issues. She has the ability to really 'see' a person and to help them to see and love this person too. People say to her 'you make me believe I can be the best version of myself'. She has witnessed time and again that the key to getting more out of life is in the parts of ourselves that are hidden, neglected, or rejected and this is why she helps you to bring your whole self back into the picture.

You will work on developing a sense of mastery ('I got this!' whatever 'this' maybe), balance (no longer compromising and leaving parts of yourself unsatisfied), and freedom (no longer stuck in roles and behaviours that don't actually get you where you really want to be).

Whether you are navigating change or simply seeking to keep yourself clear, sharp, and energised, you will focus on the most important aspect of this - connecting to your deepest self and harnessing this in a practical way.

It helps if you are: intelligent, kind, a bit unruly, questioning, neither an outright rebel nor a conformist (you do it YOUR way!), emotionally brave, and have a mischievous sense of humour.

Natalie Trice

Natalie is a Career and Confidence Coach for media professionals and a PR mentor for small business owners.

She qualified with the Kudzi Coaching in 2020, is a member of the Association for Coaching and is currently working towards full ICF accreditation. Named as one of top 50 Global Female Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2020 by and listed as one of the top women in media by About Time Magazine in 2019, Natalie knows her stuff.

By blending two decades of experience working in top London agencies, at international broadcasters and running her own successful consultancy, with her formal coaching training and skills, Natalie works with PR and media professionals so they can create the confidence, career and life they want.

She's a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Plymouth and Leeds University, as well as a PR Mentor at Westminster University, and works with students to help them not only understand the fundamentals of PR but also gain the confidence to go for the jobs they want, and get them. Natalie is often seen in the national press and as a regular contributor to Pick Me Up, WeAreTheCity, Natural Health and Female First.

Natalie works with clients on a one to basis and also runs group programmes and has a membership for PR and media professionals.

Donna Edwards

She is a Life and Connection Coach working with women who want to consciously create a positive relationship with themselves, empowering them to move towards thinking, feeling and behaving in line with who they want to be and how they want to live.

She uses her 15 years of coaching experience, alongside other methodologies including Neuroscience, NLP and Positive Psychology, to help her clients embrace self-awareness as a powerful tool for growth in communication, confidence, wellbeing, decision making and productivity.

Hannah O’Donnell

Hannah is a coach and marketing mentor for women. Through her work, Hannah’s primary aim is to support women in achieving a life of balance and not burnout whilst pursuing their goals. Hannah recognises the pressures faced by women and is as such your ‘anti-hustle’ advocate.

Combining her coaching skills with over 12 years of expertise from working within the marketing industry, Hannah is well placed to help women who run their own business or are looking to build their own business on their terms.

Working with Hannah you can expect to explore areas such as mindset and confidence, motivation and productivity and communication, alongside learning key skills that will help your business scale online.

Hannah works with clients on a 1-2-1 basis or through her membership ‘The Beautifully Balanced Business Hub’.

Claire Brumby

Claire is a high-performance business coach and mentor working with ambitious women who are ready to play a bigger game; are tired of playing small and want more.   She is here to help you perform to the absolute best you can, more so than you possibly believe you can right now!

She is a qualified and accredited high-performance business coach, mentor, consultant and inspirational speaker who’s been on one hell of a journey over the past 25 years, here’s some of that craziness!

  • Survived a life-threatening illness
  • Worked in corporate hospitality for 18 years
  • Become a mum to my 3 amazing kids
  • Invented, launched, and exited a worldwide multi-award-winning food brand
  • Pitched on dragons’ den
  • Become a best-selling author
  • Networked with celebrities and royalty
  • Worked with 100’s of clients in my coaching business
  • Become a trained and accredited coach Trained and accredited in DISC personality profiling
  • Swam the English Channel in a relay team
  • Been in numerous national press and radio stations sharing my life and business insights

Throughout all this, there’s been one constant; she has always wanted to up her game, up level in all areas of her life; personally, in her self-development, with her relationships, in her business, in every single area of her life and aspect of her whole being.

Her mission is to help you perform at your absolute best both personally and in your business so you can truly live a limitless life.

She wants for you all that you deep down want for yourself, and I'd truly love to be your partner in crime helping you have all your heart desires.

Think of her as your friend; your ass-kicker, your shoulder, your biggest cheerleader, and the person who you can share all your raw ambition with to get full support and be unstoppable.

She is here to enable you to reach bigger goals, achieve your lifelong dreams and grow in ways you don't know are even possible right now.

Francesca Aaen

Francesca is a business and performance coach working with corporate clients and individuals to achieve success on their terms. She works with my clients to look at performance in a holistic sense and to get the best from their selves and their teams in a way that is sustainable and rewarding.

After almost 20 years working in the NHS and corporate sectors, She realised there was more to life for me. So, She left her job to set up a successful healthcare consultancy and since setting up Ascenso Coaching in 2019, She now runs two successful businesses, while still having time to hike and ski with her family several times a week and sing with her band at weekends.

She has achieved success on her terms and she is passionate about helping others to do the same. Using 25 years of experience as a pharmacist, clinician, manager, leader, coach and entrepreneur, She works with her clients to help them determine what success really means for them and support them to take tangible action to achieve that success.

In 2020, She up-levelled her coaching skills by training with Ruth Kudzi. It has been hugely beneficial in helping her get her coaching business to where She wants it to be and her clients are seeing the benefits of this every day.

Professor Maxine Robertson

Maxine works with professional service and knowledge-based organisations. She offers distinctive coaching packages which draw on her professional expertise and coaching skills in order to elevate employee performance and simultaneously support well-being across professional and knowledge-based sectors.

In her 25 years in academia, she conducted research on the challenges of effectively managing professionals across numerous sectors (e.g. law, investment banking, NHS, biotechnology, IT) and her research has been published in world-leading journals. She is now Professor (Emerita) of Organisation and Management, at Queen Mary University of London.

Maxine now offers corporate clients what she refers to as contingency coaching to employees at all levels. Contingency coaching is premised on the idea that individuals working in these sectors require coaching that is highly sensitive to their personal and professional context.

Contingency coaching combines her expertise on the management of professionals with the application of coaching tools and techniques drawn from the field, together with approaches from other disciplines including neuroscience and psychology.

Sarah Atkins

Sarah is an energetic alignment coach.  Highly intuitive, she has the ability to cut through the chaos to really see you and what's going on for you.  Training & qualifying in 2020 with Kudzi Coach Academy, Sarah is a member of the ICF and holds ACC accreditation.

Using a blend of neuroscience & positive psychology in her coaching approach, she also uses Human Design as a coaching tool to facilitate insights, discover who you were designed to be and help you to recognise your own brilliance.  Sarah believes that you don't need to be 'fixed', no-one does.  You already have everything you need inside of you, you just need to learn how to access it & work with it.

With nearly two decades of working with creative & chaotic thinkers within both industry & educational settings, Sarah understands how to inspire, motivate & help you tap into your energy to find your creative flow & create alignment with your life & business.

Sarah works with clients both on a 1:1 basis and through group programmes.  She is also the founder of The Creative Coaching Studio, a virtual co-working studio for creative freelancers to connect, learn & get access to coaching & mentoring.