About Kudzi Coach Academy 

Kudzi Coach Academy was founded by Ruth Kudzi. Ruth has had her own successful coaching business and as a former Deputy Head Teacher and accredited trainer she wanted to create her own academy to support people in becoming coaches.

How are we different?

Industry experience 

We have significant industry experience: every coach and mentor has an established coaching business and knows what it takes to build and grow that business.

We don't believe in one way

Our coach training is not based on one model: we teach a variety of approaches which have a strong foundation in Psychology and Neuroscience. 

We are always open to discussion and debate about different models and new ways of thinking to help you build a strong evidence based coaching approach. 

We work with you on your business and your coaching 

We know you want to build a business as well as being a confident and highly competent coach so we support you with monthly business mentoring & coaching and access to online programs so you can get clients as well as become a coach. 

We have small cohort sizes and a strong network and community 

We know how important it is to feel part of something, we make sure we support you to grow as a coach and feel like you are part of a wider network. 

We offer you a level of personalised support to develop at your pace. 

We have high standards

Ruth is a MCC accredited coach with the ICF (one of 1250 worldwide) and the team are all professionally qualified with a wide range of backgrounds

We believe in deep and experimental learning 

We introduce you to a variety of different paradigms and we support you to develop your coaching through structured sessions every single week. 

Who is Ruth? 

Ruth is a well respected and successful coach who has worked across sectors including leadership, career and more recently business and mindset.

She has over 10,000 coaching hours and has completed 000s of hours of training and coaching supervision.

She heads up the team of professionally qualified coaches and mentors many of whom have a background in education and leadership.

Ruth has a background in educational leadership and sales and has been studying Psychology and Neuroscience for over 25 years. She built the course using her expertise and has developed her own unique coaching model which is evidence based. 

Ruth has a specific interest in evidence based approaches to coaching and how we can use neuroplasticity concepts within coaching alongside tapping into intuition and energy.

Ruth's training and qualifications include: 

MA Education & Psychology, PGCERT Coaching (Psychology), BA Management & Psychology, PGCE Business Education, Diploma in Personal Coaching, Diploma in Business Coaching, Diploma in Neuroscience, Diploma in NLP, Spiral Energy Practitioner, Diploma in Coaching The Brain, Certificate in Positive Psychology. She is currently working towards her Master Practitioner in NLP

Ruth has been getting regular supervision and coach mentoring for the last 6 years.

Claire Brumby

Claire is a high-performance business coach and mentor working with ambitious women who are ready to play a bigger game; are tired of playing small and want more.   She is here to help you perform to the absolute best you can, more so than you possibly believe you can right now!

She is a qualified and accredited high-performance business coach, mentor, consultant and inspirational speaker who’s been on one hell of a journey over the past 25 years, here’s some of that craziness!

  • Survived a life-threatening illness
  • Worked in corporate hospitality for 18 years
  • Become a mum to my 3 amazing kids
  • Invented, launched, and exited a worldwide multi-award-winning food brand
  • Pitched on dragons’ den
  • Become a best-selling author
  • Networked with celebrities and royalty
  • Worked with 100’s of clients in my coaching business
  • Become a trained and accredited coach Trained and accredited in DISC personality profiling
  • Swam the English Channel in a relay team
  • Been in numerous national press and radio stations sharing my life and business insights

Throughout all this, there’s been one constant; she has always wanted to up her game, up level in all areas of her life; personally, in her self-development, with her relationships, in her business, in every single area of her life and aspect of her whole being.

Her mission is to help you perform at your absolute best both personally and in your business so you can truly live a limitless life.

She wants for you all that you deep down want for yourself, and I'd truly love to be your partner in crime helping you have all your heart desires.

Think of her as your friend; your ass-kicker, your shoulder, your biggest cheerleader, and the person who you can share all your raw ambition with to get full support and be unstoppable.

She is here to enable you to reach bigger goals, achieve your lifelong dreams and grow in ways you don't know are even possible right now.


Donna Edwards

She is a Life and Connection Coach working with women who want to consciously create a positive relationship with themselves, empowering them to move towards thinking, feeling and behaving in line with who they want to be and how they want to live.

She uses her 15 years of coaching experience, alongside other methodologies including Neuroscience, NLP and Positive Psychology, to help her clients embrace self-awareness as a powerful tool for growth in communication, confidence, wellbeing, decision making and productivity.


Anita Gohil-Thorp PCC

Anita is a dynamic transformational coach, focusing on her clients being supported and stretched in order to unleash their inner power for life and work.

She is a former lawyer and legal recruiter, now supporting entrepreneurs, her network of women in business, lawyers, coaches and other experienced professionals from leading global organisations. Her coaching clients span Europe, Asia and the USA and she has been invited to speak on topics including resilience, setting and sticking to purposeful goals, wellbeing in the workplace and diversity. She is also a trained ICF coach mentor.

Anita’s route to coaching began after a realisation of her own strong desire to offer more to her recruitment stakeholders. She was often commended for her coaching style and this, coupled with physically and emotionally overcoming the life-threatening birth of her second child, led her to passionately seek more meaning in the service of others. It is her own transformation that led her to offer transformational mindset coaching to master performance, wellbeing and resilience. Anita helps her clients to excel through “learning” not only how to progress practically but how to integrate a more effective mindset, emotional intelligence, and self-commitment into all areas of work and life.

Outside of work, Anita has frequently supported schools and charities and is a trustee appointed member of a School Stakeholder Committee. She runs Elevate, a bespoke private platform for coaches to develop their expertise. Moreover, she also supports diverse aspiring solicitors to breakthrough into the legal world. She loves making the most of life, spending time with her family, fitness, cooking and reading – she is, indeed, a self-professed addict of learning!

Dr Helen Johnson

Helen works with people at a deep level instead of wasting energy trying to 'fix' various surface issues. She has the ability to really 'see' a person and to help them to see and love this person too. People say to her 'you make me believe I can be the best version of myself'. She has witnessed time and again that the key to getting more out of life is in the parts of ourselves that are hidden, neglected, or rejected and this is why she helps you to bring your whole self back into the picture.

You will work on developing a sense of mastery ('I got this!' whatever 'this' maybe), balance (no longer compromising and leaving parts of yourself unsatisfied), and freedom (no longer stuck in roles and behaviours that don't actually get you where you really want to be).

Whether you are navigating change or simply seeking to keep yourself clear, sharp, and energised, you will focus on the most important aspect of this - connecting to your deepest self and harnessing this in a practical way.

It helps if you are: intelligent, kind, a bit unruly, questioning, neither an outright rebel nor a conformist (you do it YOUR way!), emotionally brave, and have a mischievous sense of humour.


Lucy Power

Lucy is a qualified and Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is also extensively trained and experienced in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and also in TA with organisations and groups.

Previously master qualified Social Worker and senior leader in both social services and the social care sector, Lucy is passionate and driven around social justice and equity issues.

She has been Lead Tutor for Barefoot Coaching and is now Lead Instructor for Transactional Analysis in coaching for the Kudzi Coaching Academy.

Lucy offers an integrated approach in her coaching, bringing the very best of coaching and psychotherapy seamlessly together in order to help you to reach back and resolve your blocks, limits and emotional wounds at their root cause, redesigning the landscape of your life from the inside out.

As an expert and advanced therapeutic Coach, Lucy is a highly-skilled, deeply present, compassionate, safely boundaries and utterly devoted to your conscious success.

Lucy’s favourite quote and one which sums up her coaching approach well is; ‘until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate’ (Jung).

Working with Lucy will help you recognise, understand and resolve the ways you hold back from being all you can be, leaving you shining brightly and inhabiting your full potential without shame or censure.

Lucy runs a successful coaching business with a team of skilled associates called The Autonomy Collective, has a podcast, is agony aunt for Pick Me Up! magazine and an ambassador for the National Centre for Domestic Violence. Lucy is proudly co-founder and CXO of Beyond School.

Katy Walton

After experiencing the value of life-changing development as an operational leader, Katy changed career direction to build on her natural interest and strengths in people development. Katy has since accrued 25 years Pan-European experience in several organisations as a performance and development specialist - working predominantly in the Finance sector.

She is a coach, capability specialist, facilitator and presenter; specialising in leadership, communication and career development. She encourages people to leverage their strengths, challenge their limiting beliefs and make real progress on whatever their focus is. Since lockdown, she’s also taught many trainers and leaders to facilitate virtually, increasing interaction and engagement.

Katy’s approach is down to earth and human. She’s typically described as empathetic, whilst providing challenge and holding people to account. She has a natural curiosity and desire to enable others to reach their full potential. She uses a range of psychometric tools and theories in support of learning, but believes passionately in developing a pragmatic approach to their use.

In addition to running virtual training workshops and having 1-1 clients, Katy also runs The Progress Club for leaders wanting to focus on their ongoing development.


Sandra Whiles

Sandra is a business and leadership coach with a passion for supporting, challenging and championing her clients’ successes. Her core values around challenge, energy, creativity, collaboration and security shine through in her coaching work with individuals, teams and groups.

She specialises in coaching leaders, teams and groups from small and medium-sized organisations to help them create and sustain more effective leadership and collaboration, within and between parts of the system. Alongside her organisational work, Sandra works with a small number of private clients to help them succeed professionally.

Sandra was formerly CEO of a high performing council in Leicestershire, where she led the organisation from average to great, through a combination of strong system leadership, belief and investment in coaching and individual growth, and well-developed political skills.

Clients describe Sandra as energising, challenging, creative and supportive, having a strong, yet easy, presence which keeps teams and individuals focused and safe to experiment and learn.

Sandra holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching from the University of Chester and is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. She has a lifelong love of learning and invests heavily in ongoing CPD with recent study in the fields of positive psychology, resilience, mental health first aid, neuroscience and mindset.